Turkey: Live from Taksim Square/ Gezi Park! (8 June 2013)

Site in Gezi Park, where evening meetings take place

Site in Gezi Park, where evening meetings take place

Food supplies for the protestors the unlucky Police patrol car... media under criticism instant leaders hand drawn banners... chinese traders have a field day! Vandalism in the name of Protest Protestors camping, very few willing to get photographed Meeting at nightOtherwise bustling Taksim...now full of rubble, road blocks and litter camping on the Gezi park creativity at its best Park, protestors, tourists Buildings on Taksim square become billboards for protest messages A peaceful protest for razing a Gezi Park in Istanbul turns violent. Whether tough police action fuelled it or some external forces (those who don`t like Turkey bidding for Olympics, those who want to ruin Turkeys tourism season…) are responsible for this “out of proportion” protest for a small patch of park…It was confined to Taksim square in Istanbul. I was in Istanbul from 4-8 June, witnessed this strange kind of “protest”. Though mostly peaceful, it did affect at attendance at the EFORT congress (held at Istanbul Congress Center- close to Taksim square). I was amazed by the “over reporting” on the international media. Smoke emanating behind a CNN reporter screaming his lungs out declaring Taksim is burning…was actually the smoke from a nearby barbecue!
Fireworks at night, music concert, Chinese sky lanterns…made the “protest” colourful!
DISCLAIMER:This is a neutral photo reporting by a “tourist”! I neither approve the non democratic modes of protest/ vandalism in the name of the protest, nor violence inflicted on the protestors…