Milan Centric Italian tour 2015


Food, Fashion & Football…Milan is famous for these! However, just few hours away from Milan, are the most magnificent places of interest. Lake Como– a glacial lake, with its stunning views, luxurious villas of celebrities and the rich & famous….Cinque Terre, a UNESCO heritage site, comprising of five seaside villages, connected by a railway (with lost of tunnels!), tortuous walking paths with breath taking views… Cinque Terre, due to to its location was hidden from the rest of the world. Connectivity was done in 1930`s in the form of railroad and roads connecting the villages from the mountain side. (Purpose of travel: attending WCO IOF ESCEO conference at Milan Congress centre- MiCo.)

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Tour credits: Planning: Alefiyah Motiwala, Zest Tours, Chauffeured tour of Cinque Terre organised by Angelo Perut, Belt Limousine System Srl.

More info on itinerary & things to do coming up soon.