kiran acharya


I use Canon 30D with Sigma 18-200, Hoya PL; Sony Nex5 with Sony 18-200, Hoya PL, Sony RX1 & iPhone4 for photography

I am an Orthopaedic surgeon with specialized training in the field of Trauma, Arthroscopy & Sports injuries. I am Passionate about teaching for medical & various technical fields involving medical sciences/ health. My Present interest in research related to early treatment of Osteoarthrosis, Cartilage Injuries & Osteoporosis. I am Keen to apply the latest advances like use of stem cells, cartilage transplantation in practice.

I have Presented 77 scientific papers in various conferences, Published 21 articles in indexed journals, contributed 2 chapters in textbooks, My Skills upgraded through fellowship based training & bio skills workshops in the fields of arthroscopy, trauma, cartilage transplantation & joint replacement.

for my work related info please visit


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