travel photo journal


with work, travel is inevitable. to remember the most memorable moments, to share it with friends digital photography is a great tool. however to remember it better, trying to use this medium of travel journal…

Read it, like it, reply to it, re – blog it, or follow it. Just please don’t steal it…

Gentle Reminder: Travel, Photography…require resources. None of the stories here are supported by any travel industry or none of the photographic equipment used is sponsored. I have published my stories/ images for your appreciation. If you like them share the links with your friends. Please do not use these images elsewhere(it amounts to simple stealing!)  …If you need any photo, please use it with permission/ acknowledgment to KiranAcharya. Contact: manipalortho at gmail dot com.


3 thoughts on “travel photo journal

  1. Rupa

    Am so proud of a teacher like you. Am always amazed by your energy and enthusiasm. You are really lucky to be able to enjoy these places !!!

  2. Vinutha Kiran

    You are really great sir…. u keep visiting places n we will sit here and enjoy the places through ur pics n writeups…. god bless you sir.. may u reach 100 destinations as soon as possible

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