Milan Centric Italian tour 2015


Food, Fashion & Football…Milan is famous for these! However, just few hours away from Milan, are the most magnificent places of interest. Lake Como– a glacial lake, with its stunning views, luxurious villas of celebrities and the rich & famous….Cinque Terre, a UNESCO heritage site, comprising of five seaside villages, connected by a railway (with lost of tunnels!), tortuous walking paths with breath taking views… Cinque Terre, due to to its location was hidden from the rest of the world. Connectivity was done in 1930`s in the form of railroad and roads connecting the villages from the mountain side. (Purpose of travel: attending WCO IOF ESCEO conference at Milan Congress centre- MiCo.)

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Tour credits: Planning: Alefiyah Motiwala, Zest Tours, Chauffeured tour of Cinque Terre organised by Angelo Perut, Belt Limousine System Srl.

More info on itinerary & things to do coming up soon.


Laboe, Germany: seagulls and submarines


Nostalgic, natural beauty, beach tourism, sea food restaurants, retirement heaven…all at Laboe!

Laboe is a municipality in the district of Plön, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situated on the Baltic Sea coast, approximately 10 km northeast of Kiel. You can reach Laboe by ferry service from Kiel. Beach front has well laid walking, cycling and motor paths, with beach huts scattered all over. Apart from being a fishing port, Laboe has a beautiful Marina. Major landmark here are 1. Memorial for  World Wars: 72-metre high tower designed by architect Gustav August Munzer, who stated that the form was not meant to represent anything specific but was to inspire positive feelings in those who look at it. It is frequently associated with the stem of a viking ship or the conning tower of a submarine. The inside of the tower is absolutely empty – it’s quite bizarre. But it is worth to go up, because from the top You can see an excellent view to the Baltic See. You can see for kilometres and, in good weather, even as far as Denmark. The monument is composed in various parts: The tower, with a superb view of the surroundings from the observation deck; The base, with the numbers of losses in both wars; The underground chamber, a kind of sanctuary, with flags from various countries; The museum, with navigation related items. 2. WWII-era German submarine U-995, which houses a technical museum, both sit near the foot of the monument. U-995 is the world’s only remaining Type VII U-boat. Being one of the few submarine that survived the conflict, it’s very interesting to visit.It’s very impressive the technology they had then, and to think that men lived in those tight corridors for days…It’s fascinating… (common ticket available at the ticketing counter at the base of the tower. Tower closes at 1800 hrs).

If you ever visit Kiel in Northern Part of Germany, it is worthwhile visiting Laboe!